MSI Tech is the name of our company which is a proud member of the A & M Global Groups family. MSI Tech has been in IT business since 2009 and dedicatedly providing IT solutions to small and medium businesses worldwide.

MSI Tech understands that in today’s web-based business world; you need an online presence that reflects who you are and what you have to offer. MSI Tech offers small business owners and individuals customized e-commerce and IT solutions, including website design, web-based applications, custom software, and search engine optimization.

While there are many IT and e-commerce companies out there, MSI Tech has designed its services to be centered around customer satisfaction. We’ll work with you to outline your project needs, marketing strategy, and appropriate deadlines, so that you are completely satisfied not only with the end product, but with the process of shaping that product.

At MSI Tech, we also understand that quality should never be sacrificed, even in cost-effective IT solutions. That is why our engineers are versed in the latest tools, to bring you an up-to-date design that reflects the image you want to project. Our web designers are fluent with all of the latest interface development tools, including XHTML, CSS, JQuery, 2-D and 3-D animation, video production, Flash, and more. Our web-based applications are great for community websites, social networking sites, and content management systems. We utilize ASP, SQL, PHP, and mySQL, as well as high quality database integration and search functions, so that your web application is both useful and attractive.

Along with website development and web application design, we also offer high quality custom Windows-based software, as well as monthly or hourly search engine optimization consulting. For our custom software, our engineers use the latest development tools, such as Visual C+, .NET, and MS SQL Server.

Our dedicated search engine optimization team can provide comprehensive SEO services, including search engine submission, keyword analysis, competitor’s analysis, HTML analysis, and link popularity management. Many of our engineers hold Microsoft information technology certifications, which reflect their mastery of Microsoft’s brand of software tools.

While MSI Tech’s engineers utilize the latest in computing skills, our real pride is in our relationship with clients. We strive to build strong relationships with all our partners, to increase the quality of the final product we deliver. You will find that our commitment to personally assessing your e-commerce and IT needs will also result in a more pleasant and professional business interaction.

Our engineers and SEO experts are dedicated to keeping a line of communication open with the client, so that they remain informed about the project throughout their time with us. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations, and to do this we operate on the basis that honest, personal, and reliable service is the only way to treat clients.

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